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Residential Painting Experts

Painting for homeowners is what we love to do the most and repainting is our specialty. We love working with customers on their homes they have made their own.
We have years of experience and know which products will stand the test of time and the best application methods.  We also have a great network of advisors from Sherwin-Williams and Hirschfields on the best products to use for different applications. We’re humble enough to admit we don’t know everything but smart enough to compliment our team with folks who know what we don’t.

Interiors and Exteriors

Interiors: walls, ceilings, woodwork, trim, fireplaces, kitchen cupboards and bath vanities. Attention to detail, clean lines, solid coverage. We make sure it’s done right and looks great!
Exteriors: stucco, hardy board, masonite, wood and brick.  Soffit, trim, fascia, windows, doors, siding, floors, whatever needs painting. We pay attention to the best prep options. Is the siding too far gone to paint? We will give you our honest and educated opinion. Should it be pressure washed first? Sometimes, but not always. Scraping, sanding, caulking, filling holes- protection for your home, durability, and a paint job that’s going to last.